Proximity to Blackness is Not Going to Solve Racism

Maybe the Black person in your life is the one closest to you. Your very best friend. The one you sleep with, have cultivated a family with and your view of the future always includes them. Maybe you’re not THAT close, 😉 but you do have some amazing Black friends, or acquaintances, or you attend the same church and even sit together on the same pew! Whatever the dynamics are, have you ever thought that you were somehow excused from that whole “race conversation” because of the Black people/person in your lives and their proximity to you?

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My State is Reopening Today, and I’m Not Okay

How can this feel right when we have been urged and instructed to stay home unless absolutely necessary as an effort to flatten the curve? When our schools have been cancelled for the remainder of this year (through May at the very least), and we’re learning to teach our children against the background of a pandemic? When healthcare providers and a myriad of other essential workers are putting themselves at risk to continue doing their job? How does one comprehend this when Georgia still has a shelter-in-place order through April 30th, but the supposed good news is we can break free a little early in order to get our nails and hair did?

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